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The Ball of Wire

Why This Photo? This photo contains a story about how my schema’s developed. My brother and I appear excited to visit a strange and wonderous forest. My grandparents are less excited. If you look closely, I am not looking at the camera, have a look of anticipation, but I also look distracted. I am imagining what the experience ahead will be. I am “in my head.” I recently crawled through the awkward little hatch that leads to our crawl space and dragged several boxes of memorabilia out from under the house to find the album that contained this photo. I sought it out because it jumped into my mind while talking to my therapist. We were talking about my tendency to self-sacrifice and I remembered this day as one of the earliest memories of disguising my feelings to avoid disappointing someone else. When I looked at the photo again, having not seen it for at least 6 years, the first thing I thought about was my mother, who took the photo. I have grown more …

Coming Out as an Empath

The same sensitivity and awareness that causes increased pain, also empowers empaths to know deeper and richer levels of solitude, sabi, and mono no aware. They see all kinds of beauty and they tend to see it everywhere. They feel deep connections in nature, and with others. Their heart it touched every day.  I intuitively knew that if I numbed my pain, I would also numb my joy.