2 thoughts on “Hi Resolution Portfolio

  1. I like your goal..”In 2020 my goal has been to develop the metaphor of lenses, perspective, and the meditation on scenes, settings, and the process of capturing still images – stills.” I, too, want to use my camera to capture stills. I want to be able to make adjustments (with my lens as well as with the way I live) in order to see (the image…life) with more clarity. In my opinion, I can do that without any form of religion…dogma, rituals. To me, religion fogs-up the lens and must be wiped away. I enjoy your photos and your blog posts very much. Thanks for that.


    1. Hey, thanks for the great comment Sabishi! Seeing with clarity is such an important goal, and I completely agree that religion, dogma, and rituals are not necessary for that. I’m sure we could have an interesting conversation regarding religion. I’d be interested to hear why you wish to wipe it away. I agree that it can be a fog, or a distortion, but would say that it doesn’t have to be.

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