Still in the Stream Videos

These videos focus on landscape photography, and how it can reduce our sense of agitation in the stream of life. Join me as I visit favorite locations, take photos of favorite subjects, and talk about beauty, nature, and the therapeutic value of contemplative photography, refuges, and places of solitude. I am proud of the sweet gale and marsh wren video and the portfolio Mushroom video.

Vintage Lenses for Fern Photography

In this video I use 3 vintage and 2 modern lenses to photography deer fern in a Vancouver Island forest, and talk about using vintage lenses to capture beautiful bokeh, and achieve optimal stimulation if you, like me, are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Photographing Sweet Gale and Marsh Wrens

Join me for a sunrise paddle on Somenos Lake and experience the awe of mist and sweet gale drifting in the morning glow before journeying up Richards Creek in search of the quirky and industrious little birds that bring cuteness and life to the marshland.

The Experience of Sabi for Photographers

In this video I briefly define wabi sabi, and give a tour of an area that produces it in abundance, ending with a reflection about wounds and beauty.

How I took a Portfolio Worthy Mushroom Photo

Join me in this video as I take photos of mushrooms in a secret forest on Vancouver Island. Also some frosty grass shots!

The Secret about finding and creating Refuge

In this 15 minute video I tour one of my personal refuges and talk about the work of Island Crisis Care Society in extending the concept to helping people who have been homeless. This was part of my annual CNOY fundraising appeal, but I think the content is helpful at any time.

Photographing Fawn Lilies at Pipers Lagoon

Join me at Pipers Lagoon for a quiet morning photographing fawn lilies with 4 different lenses. Tips and Trips for capturing beauty in a fragile habitat.

Dreamy Shells

In this 17 min video, join me on Rathtrevor Beach for a morning of macro photography to capture dreamy images that are filled with tranquility and beauty.

Timelapse of Clouds Over Fanny Bay

1 hour of clouds drifting from the Vancouver Island Ranges over Fanny Bay in 1 minute.

Pipers Lagoon Sunrise Timelapse

1 hour in 12 minutes of storm waves blowing across from Neck Point and crashing on the shore of Piper’s Lagoon. Cameo by me taking pictures of the surf.

2 thoughts on “Still in the Stream Videos

  1. It was great finally meeting you this morning. I watched your video about Sabi and agree that there is beauty in the wounded and dying. The idea of positive aloneness is also important these days, as our smartphones tend to be our constant companion.


    1. Hey, thanks Wally, it was great meeting you too. Glad that the sabi video was watchable, I seldom know if I’m communicating clearly about these admittedly obscure and rarefied ideas. I keep trying, however, as they really seem to remain important to me. Anyway, thanks for checking out the site and leaving a comment, I really appreciate it!


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