Still in the Stream Videos

This page features vlogs and video productions related to Still in the Stream. The first video is now live, and introduces the topic of landscape photography and how it reduces agitation. Planned videos include the ones listed below without the white title banner. As I complete them, I will change the thumbnail to include the white title bar for quick reference.

Intro to Landscape Photography

In this 3 minute video I photograph a stream and mushrooms above Westwood Lake and discuss the value of landscape photography for calming the agitated mind.

How I Took a Portfolio Worthy Mushroom Photo

How I Took a Portfolio Worthy Mushroom Photo

A winter vlog about how I went to a forest and took a photo of a mycena mushroom instead of a snowy alpine sunscape, and ended up with one of my best photos ever. Also touches on sabi!

The Experience of Sabi for Photographers

In this video I briefly define wabi sabi, and give a tour of an area that produces it in abundance, ending with a reflection about wounds and beauty.

Dreamy Shells

In this 17 min video, join me on Rathtrevor Beach for a morning of macro photography to capture dreamy images that are filled with tranquility and beauty.

The Secret About Finding and Creating Refute

In this 15 minute video I tour one of my personal refuges and talk about the work of Island Crisis Care Society in extending the concept to helping people who have been homeless. This was part of my annual CNOY fundraising appeal, but I think the content is helpful at any time.

2021 Fawn Lilies

Concept – photographing fawn lilies is one of my favorite activities and I plan to capture the joy of this annual bloom event.

The Deeper Meaning of Sabi

In production, this video goes deeply into the sabi experience and reveals it as a source of enlightenment and resiliency.

Avoidance or Mindfulness?

Concept – is landscape photography simply a way of distracting or avoiding the stress in life, or is it a form of mindfulness?

2021 Forest Awakening

Concept – photographing Vancouver Island Wildflowers and other signs of spring.

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